Betdaq Review: Liquidity, iPhone App & Features

Formed in 2000 by Dermot Desmond and subsequently sold to Ladbrokes in 2013, Betdaq are the second biggest exchange in the UK at the moment — there are good parts to the site and bad, and

We’re going to go through everything for you right here, now…

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Betting Market Liquidity:

Betdaq sometimes has a bad name for having poor liquidity, however in recent years it has been on the rise as more and more bookmakers close accounts for genuine punters.

Betdaq’s main five sports for good liquidity are:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Tennis
  • Cricket

On each of these sports, liquidity is solid — while it is by no means as good as Betfair, it is decent enough that you will get your bet matched. On the bigger events, the likes of the Premier League or Grade 1 horse racing, liquidity is strong and it is on par with Betfair. Where it falls down is the smaller events, and if you are a punter on Betdaq, you might just have to wait a little longer to get matched on these events than you would on Betfair…

It is worth waiting those extra minutes though as you will still get better value on Betdaq compared to normal bookmakers because of the better over round on exchanges.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the App could be a lot better, and while Betdaq did upgrade it in 2016, it is still a long way behind their main competitors in this area.

The biggest improvement needed we feel is the bet placement page, as shown below, when you click on your selected horse you are brought to a separate page and taken away from the market. We feel this is terrible for bet placement. A simple drop down tool would work better here we feel, as you can still see the prices as you place your bet.

Another problem on the App is the Multiples page. When you have built your multiple, the App won’t tell you the price — as shown below, you have to enter a stake and then work out the odds for yourself. This is a real draw-back when using the App for the casual punter.

Along with these, they could do better on a lot of little simple issues. For example, there is no “Remember Username” option when logging in, and there is no option to log in with a pin either — something a lot of the other gambling firms provide. If you were looking at an event in-running and wanted to place a bet quickly, you wouldn’t be able to do on Betdaq because of these log in issues.

Overall, we feel the App is usable — in the sense that it does the job. However it is a long way away from being easy to use. We can see why this App would put off a lot of casual punters from using Betdaq.

If you prefer using your desktop over your phone, you’ll be pleased to hear that Betdaq are way better in this area. The layout of the website is very good, and everything is clear in front of you. Getting to the market you want to find is easy, and the display and feel to the site is very nice. Overall, we have nothing bad to say about the Betdaq desktop site.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than just the desktop site, Betdaq also provide free betting software at which is a great help for many punters. This site also has a handy explanation of each tool, so punters can find which suits them best. Free betting software has to be an advantage for Betdaq over Betfair, where you have to pay for it.

There are many good features on the Betdaq site, accessible on both the desktop site and the App.

Probably the best feature is Betdaq’s Free ProForm Stats, which give racing fans a huge wealth of knowledge about each horse, jockey and trainer — we imagine many punters use these stats daily, both on the desktop site and App, and for Betdaq to supply on this data for free is a really strong point of the exchange.

Another good feature that was new to Betdaq in 2016 is the football virtualization screen that now updates you in each soccer market. This is a great way to follow the game if you cannot watch it, as it display’s where the ball is and who has possession as all times, along with some helpful stats. It also comes on the App too, and even though football is always better when watched live with a beer, if you’re in work or something and can’t see the game, this is the next best way of following the action.

We also like the Colossus option within the Betdaq site, this is found under the ‘Sports Pool’ heading and if you like to go for the big wins, it’s nice that you can play this within the Betdaq site. Along side this, we like the tipping website that Betdaq provides called, where you’ll find plenty of good trading related articles along side the daily tips and previews.

Betdaq certainly provide a more personal feel to their customer service than many other betting firms, and it is for this reason that we rate them very good in this area. They have vastly improved their Twitter and Facebook feeds in 2016, however sometimes the Live Chat help service really lets them down when a punter needs help in that area. They seem to handle calls to the helpdesk well and we can’t really fault them for customer service.

Depositing and withdrawing is a pain for most punters, however it is a necessary evil. The depositing options on Betdaq are very good, and each punter should have no issues finding at least one method that suits them. The free deposit services are: Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Master Card Debit, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer and Cheque. There is a 1.5% charge on Visa and Mastercard credit cards, while they introduced a 2% charge on PayPal deposits in early 2017 which is a major negative and is the only thing that lets them down in this area.

Withdrawals from Betdaq are free too, which is very good, although to be expected. It will be interesting to see does the change to the PayPal charge make a difference in 2017.

Betdaq will run many superb promotions over the course of each year, as they look to draw away business from Betfair, so always be on the look out for new promotions. In 2016, they offered a commission refund of up to £150 each Wednesday to customers who used their Trading Tools. Pretty funny they picked Wednesday to do this as that’s when Betfair takes the Premium Charge from punters accounts! At the moment, they are doing a promotion on ITV racing, which see’s punters boost their winnings by 20% on races live on ITV each Saturday.

While these promotions are good, they could improve their new customer offer. At the moment, it is only a free £25 bet for signing up and only after earning 4 exchange points (each exchange point is earned for £25 in settled bets). This offer is way below the other firms, and doesn’t really appeal like some others do — they could definitely improve on this and draw in some more customers with a better offer.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Betdaq are lacking in some areas, especially for punters that want to just use their phones and the Betdaq App. However, a Betdaq account is definitely worth having — even as a back up to your main account. There’s plenty of good features that make Betdaq good value to use for punter. We felt that the free ProForm Stats were a nice touch and the free betting software is also appealing for more advanced punters.

We feel that they appear to be customer friendly, they don’t have many adverts however they have good social media accounts and are helpful and understanding towards punters which is a nice touch. If they improved their App, we would be giving them a much higher rating however it really does hold them back — but if you can look past the App, they have plenty of offer and are still worth joining!

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