Odds Checker Review 2018 — You Must See This Before Using Odds Checker!

Do Odds Checker review all bookies prices and present them fairly? For you, the punter?

We’re not too sure it’s the case, which is why we’ve put together this Odds Checker review post.

By the end we will have presented all the facts in the most unbiased manner possible. We’ve broken it down into;

  • Why Odds Checker exists
  • How their website works
  • What you need to know (including the bits they won’t tell you)

From there, we’ll let you decide…

Why Odds Checker Exist (Or Claim To At Least)

“Odds Checker the place where bookies compete for you”

This is pretty good, right?

It’s a great idea. We can see why Odds Checker took off! And of course why punters around the world look to them for sports insight and where they can find the best deals, free bets and odds.

After all, as per Odds Checkers mission statement above, they are there for you. The very name itself suggests you’ll find the best odds there.

But we don’t think they’re being completely honest…

How Does Odds Checker Work?

As they state at the bottom of the table, the best odds are bold.

What they don’t mention is; they have separated betting exchange odds and bookmaker odds into two sections, shown below:

There’s a line to separate them, it’s so feint you can barely see it. This means that the bold odds are either ‘best bookmaker odds’ or ‘best exchange odds’.

But why separate the two?

The answer is simple; because if they didn’t, bookmaker’s odds would rarely ever be bold (and if you bet at those odds only, you’ll be closed quickly).

Wait, there’s so much more to this…

The default display setting is in fractional odds. We can accept that, after all, it’s always been the case in the industry.

However, we also think it’s a great way to keep the average punter confused.

What is the difference between 57/5 and 8/1 ? which is bigger? (Nellies Dancer above).

This could be easily solved by odds checker by making the default format decimal odds. We’re in 2017 now anyway so it makes perfect sense to do this! But then of course you’d be presented with:

What is the difference between 11.4 and 9.0? which is bigger? (Nellies Dancer above).

Do we really need to tell you which one was the exchange price… (11.4 of course, exchanges offer more value).

It’s not to bigger deal though, you can convert the odds to decimals yourself if you like. Providing you register for a profile, login and then find the settings tab hidden away to do so. Hardly putting it on the front page with their claim about the bookmakers competing for you is it.

It could be worse though, like the racing post — they don’t even list exchanges in their odds comparisons.

Here’s what that same race looks like in decimals. Best odds highlighted in black.

Ladbrokes odds are surprisingly high in places, we’d guess this is some kind of error (betting at value odds with Ladbrokes will get you limited).

Find out how to change odds to decimals on Odds Checker at the end of this post

What You Should Bear In Mind When Using Them…

Odds Checker is not there for you.

You’ll notice the extreme amount of offers and free bet links you’ll have thrown at you when arriving on the site. It’s not unlike many other websites in the industry to be fair, but their primary objective is to sign you up with a bookmaker.

Why? Because they get up to 30% of the money you lose!

There’s still hidden value in using Odds Checker though. In recent times various money making methods have been adapted through bonus bagging and arbitrage. The trouble being, the bookmakers now track where you signed up. If you signed up via an affiliate service that promotes arbitrage for example, it’s likely your account will be closed quicker.

With the masses of people that sign up for accounts via Odds Checker it’s that bit easier to slip under the radar. Basically they’re more likely to think of you as a mug punter.

Odds Checker Review: How to Change Odds Decimal Odds

Now we will show you how, so you can see the difference for yourself!

1. Go to OddsChecker

2. Register an account

3. Go to Tools > Odds Format

4. Now Select Decimal Odds (but remember, if you sign out it will return to fractional format)

Odds Checker Review: Final Summary

We hope you’ve found a great deal of value in this article and want to share it with your friends. If that’s the case please do so on social media, be sure to tag us in the post as well!


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